polr.me is in the process of shutting down its services, effective immediately

Regretfully, we here at the Polr Project have decided to shut down the public URL shortener hosted at polr.me, effective immediately.

In the past few months, we have encountered a large influx of abusive links and harmful bots; however, following numerous attempts to reduce the amount of spam links flowing thorugh polr.me, we have not been successful at stopping the flow of phishing and malware links.

In addition, our previous host, OpenShift, has discontinued their previous service, which polr.me was hosted on. As a result, we moved to a different host in order to continue offering the service; however, the high traffic that polr.me receives leads to a cost which is not inconsequential. After numerous failed attempts to monetize the service in order to keep server costs down, we've failed.

As a result of the high influx of malicious links, the high traffic that they've generated, and the shutdown of our previous host, we've decided to terminate the public polr.me service. The Polr Project's open source platform, Polr, will not be affected.

polr.me links will continue redirecting until January 9th, 2018. At that point, an archive of public links will be available for download for those who are interested.

Thank you for understanding